Cantilever racking is a type of storage system that consists of vertical columns and horizontal arms, which are used to store long, bulky, or irregularly shaped items. It is called "cantilever" racking because the horizontal arms are supported by the vertical columns, creating a cantilevered structure.

Cantilever racking is well-suited for storing items such as pipes, tubes, timber, sheet metal, and other long or awkward items that are difficult to store on traditional pallet racking systems. It allows users to easily access and retrieve items, and can be customized to meet the specific storage needs of a variety of industries.

Cantilever racks are ideal for:

  • Tubes and pipes
  • Rugs and bolts of fabric
  • Sheet metal
  • Lumber
  • Metal fabricated parts
  • Plywood
  • Stone plates or raw stock


Available painted or galvanised for outdoor use.

Additional options include canopies, side cladding & fully cladded systems.

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