Transformer Systems offer a wide range of both integrated and independent conveyor handling options. These systems improve efficiency and cut staffing overheads.

We supply modular conveyor units ranging from Powered Lineshaft Conveyors with individually driven rollers and optional zero end pressure accumulation, Dual Directional Belt Conveyors for incline/decline or horizontal solutions.

As well as Gravity Conveyors utilising Skate Wheel and Roller Systems for unmotorised budget requirements and Telescopic Container Conveyors providing quick loading/unloading of wagons.

Our products also cater for garment handling automation such as Hanging Garment Conveyors, Slickrail, Speedrail, Sortation systems and Overhead conveyors.



Slides are an optimal solution to the fast sortation of good in fast paced environments such as:

  • Mail sorting offices
  • Airports
  • Multi-level warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Retail environments



Spiral slides are the cost effective solution for boxed products. They are non-powered taking advantage of the force of gravity to transport goods until the gentle stop below.
With no moving mechanical parts, slides are silent and require very little to no maintenance.


We offer the installation of a wide variety of slides to suit your warehouse needs.
Things to consider are:

  • The purpose of the slide, e.g. from a mezzanine or upper floor.
  • The size of the products.
    Different slides would be required for plastic tote boxes vs. sacks.
  • We can design to fit with various other systems.




Hanging garment conveyors are a material handling solution for the mobility of garments far more efficiently than hand loading/unloading. These have a variety of options and can be tailored to suit the needs of your warehouse.

  • Faster handling for the storage and retieval of hanging garments.
  • Optional overhead configuration to optimise warehouse space.
  • Maximise storage capacity.
  • Non-powered conveyors require little maintenance

Keep up or surpass your competitors in terms of time and efficiency.

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Completed Installations

Conveyor Installation

We installed this 700mm wide motorised belt conveyor, complete with line full sensors for an outdoor clothing distributor.
The conveyor is to handle totes and oversize cartons carrying them up and down to the next floor.
This is to speed up the picking and packing process in their warehouse and protect the goods and packaging during transit throughout.