At Transformer Systems, we offer a full installation service for all our available products. We take pride in the quality of our service and professionalism, our experienced installers can handle any project, regardless of size and will complete the project efficiently and on time. We will visit you on-site to survey your warehouse, and we'll design the best possible solution based on your products, space and requirements, and send a full project proposal and quote.

We provide our services across the UK, providing expert installations, relocation and removal services to clients nationwide. Should the need arise to relocatie and reinstall your storage systems, call us for a non obligatory quote. We have years of experience in assisting our customers with relocation of equipment due to changes in their facilities processes.


1. Site Survey
2. Consultation on design
3. Product Auto CAD drawings

We understand flexibility in work schedules is required in operating facilities to minimise any impact on your ongoing operations. We are always prepared for arrangements that may be required to allow our client facilities to fully function during our installations.


Our installation team puts safety first, bringing PPE and equipment such as safety podiums, scissor lifts and forktrucks, to reduce the risk accidents on the premises.

Equipped with the appropriate equipment and training to meet project demands of various temperatures and heights, our installation team can install our racking safely, conforming with building codes and requirements.



Why take risks? Get it done right the first time and save money in the long run!


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Completed Installations

Various Installations

Here are various installations from multiple sites we have worked on.