Choosing the right pallet storage system for your warehouse.

Conventional Pallet Racking

An optimal solution for warehouses with many products of various stock keeping units. Standard pallet racking allows goods to be loaded and unloaded in a straight forward way, adapts to any space, weight and size of the stored goods.

  • Simple and adaptable to any size or weight of pallet.
  • Direct access to every pallet.
  • The most universal, suits warehouses storing a wide range of different products.
  • Total stock control, each storage space is a taken up by a single pallet.


Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

A storage solution for those looking to add storage space by reducing unnecessary aisle space. This system enables a high-density storage set up by making use of floor area and roof height.

  • 100% accessibility to individual pallets
  • High speed of access & throughput
  • Good use of cubic space
  • Suited for warehouses with a high roof.


Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drive-In pallet racking eliminates the aisles in between racks. This makes better use of the available surface and height space better than other systems.

  • Ideal for large quantities of pallets similar in weight or size.
  • Enables use of up to 85% of available warehouse space
  • Allows products of a single stock keeping unit to be stored in the same lane.


Live Storage Pallet Racking

This system uses the force of gravity to slide pallets along roller tracks. This storage solution ensures perfect product rotation as well as saving space, and time in pallet handling.

  • The ideal solution for storage of perishable goods. Suitable for any industry or distribution sector.
  • Saves time in pallet handling.
  • Rotates stored products with the FIFO (First In, First Out) system, meaning the first pallet in is also the first to be taken out.


Push Back Pallet Racking

An accumulative storage system that allows storage of up to four pallets deep per shelf level. This is ideal for storing medium turnover products, with two or more pallets per stock keeping unit.

  • Each level can be used to store a different stock keeping unit.
  • Ensures the loading and unloading process is safer and easier.
  • This is compact storage, meaning the maximum possible use is made of the space available.


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Completed Installations

Pallet Racking Installation

1,000 pallet space wide aisle pallet racking installation completed on time for our customer.