Below are some things that you can do to optimise your existing warehouse space.

Re-sort Locations

Order picking directly from the storage location leads to small stock balances that can use as little as 10 percent of the available space. Create smaller storage locations for these items, free up wasted space.

Utilise your cube

You need to take advantage of all of the vertical space that you have available and reconfigure your
existing storage system to take advantage of this space but it could be worth the effort.

Vertical Utilisation

Warehouses vastly improve storage, by optimizing the use of the vertical cubes. The vertical cube is all the free space above aisles, docks, and picking areas.
A well-designed warehouse will exploit up to 85% of the available space. Don’t miss out on a major opportunity to profit from this free space. Provide a bigger pick face area, optimising use of vertical cube realisation.



Two-tier shelving systems, with walkway aisles, is a construction of shelving built into two levels. The lower shelving is the support for the walkway aisles. The uprights are heavy duty and designed in order to carry the loads from the floor above.
The basis of a two-tier installation is the framing itself striking through the upper level; They support both levels of shelves and the access walkways, built of heavy duty frame uprights made of galvanized or powder coated steel.

Two-tier Gives you higher storage capacity (up to double) more than standard shelving on the ground floor.
With slimmer design floor support beams an additional second level of storage is also possible.
Hanging garments also work well with 2 tier systems


Benefits - High density storage and increased pick faces.

There are very substantial cost savings on the 2-tier construction as the floor and shelving are all built  “as one” saving on installation costs. With the density of storage space achievable, 2 –tier shelving installations can become the most economical choice.


Our longspan shelving is an ideal storage solution for longer length shelving requirements. Heavy duty and suitable for warehouses, retail, storerooms, factories and garages, these are an all-rounder for all storage environments.

  • Frame Heights: 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm.
  • Frame Depths: 600mm,  800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm.
  • Shelf Lengths: 1500mm, 1850mm, 2250mm, 2400mm.




Metalsistem Unirack Shelving - The Galvanised Light to Medium Duty Shelving System. Fast Construction & Super Light Weight.

  • 2000mm to 5000mm Height
  • 4 Beam Sizes up to 1800mm
  • Shelving Capacities up to 600kg per level (UDL)
  • Lightweight Steel Shelf Panels
  • Highly Versatile
  • Suitable for Archive storage, Spare Parts, Tyre Storage, Hanging Garments & more
  • Massive array of accessories
  • Completely boltless, interchangeable and extendable.

This unit is a hand loaded storage solution suitable for environments ranging from industrial warehouses to commercial offices.

The use of galvanised steel ensures the durability of the product.  The structural components are produced from 3.1 certified high tensile structural steels in accordance with the EN10204 standards.


Cantilever racking is a long product storage solution. Transformer Systems can supply & install Cantilever Systems manufactured to your requirements.

Our cantilever systems can be created with heights up to 10 metres & with loadings of up to 2000kgs per individual arm. Uprights are pre-punched at a vertical pitch allowing later reconfiguration as well as being double punched to allow double sided conversions.

Available painted or galvanised for outdoor use.

Additional options include canopies, side cladding & fully cladded systems.


Thinking about Transformer Systems for your next project?

Completed Installations

Shelving Installation

A two-tier shelving system with walkways to store components of various sizes and shapes.

The system was installed quickly working alongside our client to allow them to keep their trade counter business operational throughout.