Damaged pallet racking is a major risk to any safe working environment and should be unloaded and rectified as soon as possible. By performing regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs, you are ensuring the safety of your employees and avoiding damage or loss of stock. Pallet racking systems can get damaged by fork trucks during the loading and unloading of goods or by inappropriate use or overloading the beams.

Our aim is to provide our customers the most cost-effective solution possible. Our team, experienced in pallet racking repairs assures as little downtime as possible. If damage is sustained to the racking, we can advise which area needs to be unloaded before the repair is carried out. After you've unloaded any stock, we will remove any damaged parts and reassemble with replacement components.

An example of repair would be splicing, which removes the area where the damage has occurred. Using an internal splice plate/tube, two pieces of the upright are joined and securely bolted together. This method is significantly cheaper than the purchase of new or used equipment, and carriage costs. Cost-effective does not need to mean a trade-off for safety either! This method is used to extend pallet racking and longspan heights for two-tier walkway systems.

Send us an email to containing the company name, contact details, site postcode and images of your racking for identification and pictures of the damage.
We keep stock off all brands and models of pallet racking,

It might be worth your while checking the rest of your racking or getting a formal inspection if it wasn’t done recently, as some damage isn’t as obvious as a twist, tear or crumple.
CLICK HERE for information on our SEMA approved pallet racking inspections.

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